About Us

eSimplify brings to market data and analytics to help Healthcare BPO Services, RCM Consultants and Medical Device Suppliers to reduce your customer acquisition cost. We do that by helping you identify leads and help focus on your target market with our analytics. Our partners are heavily invested in our proven technology across the country.

Our mission is to help the independent physicians and groups, directly or indirectly, to thrive in this challenging market. We at eSimplify believe that Independent physicians and groups, need service providers, that can directly contribute to the business of managing a successful Independent practice in a constantly changing healthcare landscape. eSimplify’s data can help drive positive patient outcomes and better quality of care with our predictive analytics. Our partners are investing in our analytics to help Physicians.

Physician burn out is an issue that cannot be ignored any longer. We believe Medicine has always been thought of as a profession that thrives when the Physicians have the autonomy for treating patients. We believe when physicians are employed, they are no longer effective. Physicians lose their autonomy and creativity when they begin thinking about processes. eSimplify’s mission is to try and help these independent physicians and groups maintain their autonomy where they can bring their creativity to help affect their communities, in a positive way.

We Simplify Your Work!!