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Eliminate errors, improve efficiency, reduce cost and Focus on your profitability.

You’re busy. Your team is working hard to provide exceptional care to your patients. Your billing department is buried deep in all the paper. You are spending 100’s of hours every month trying to keep up with all the EOB’s waiting to be posted. Your pile is getting bigger every day and you are exhausted just watching that pile grow. How are you supposed to utilize your billing resources? We know you would rather leverage their billing skills and deal with payments your practice should collect. The Team at eSimplify know exactly how you feel. We have been there done that. We felt that there had to better way. We looked around and we didn’t find any. We were sure others have this challenge too. We decided to act and build a solution. We developed, tested and used this solution in our business and we feel that this going to revolutionize Revenue Cycle management. The solution is going to help practices and billing agencies eliminate manual posting errors, increase efficiency and free up resources to tend to other urgent issues within your revenue cycle process or Practice. It all impacts a practice’s bottom line.

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