Services for Practices

Your job is to provide the best possible care for your patients and our job is to help you do that!  We will help you improve quality of care, patient outcomes, improve quality scores and last but not least, increase revenue with our meaningful insights.

Dashboard Access: We provide you access to a dashboard that captures the KPI, so you can focus on areas that adds to your bottom line, identify potential audit risks, improve quality of care and missed service opportunities that are affecting your quality scores and revenue.

Identify Audit Risks: We identify areas of risk of audit by comparing your claims submission to your peers.

Improve quality of care: Our analytics will help you identify gaps in care.

Increase Practice Revenue: We can analyze your practice data and recommend solutions to increase practice revenue.

Monitoring of trends: Analyze your practice health and KPI’s and track current trends within your practice. We alert you of significant risks to your practice’s overall financial health and provide tangible solutions to mitigate those risks.